The relaxing beat of tongue drums

The tongue drum may be a singular and engaging percussion derived from the idiophone family. They’re given alternative names like tank drum, helix drum or steel tongue drum.

Perfect design with better sonorities

Its relaxing look like the form of a phantasm attracts the design and its terribly peculiar sonorities confer a novel aura. It permits to play rhythms or melodies due to its "tongues" (tongue) whose range is variable, these can represent the various notes of the instrument.

It differs from several musical instruments as a result of its super intuitive approach: no got to be associate professional in percussion or a champion of the solfeggio to draw one thing stunning since it's not possible to create a false note! One is straight away carried, as fascinated by its mild and soothing sounds... It may be vie with the assistance of mallets or directly with the hands and its field of use is incredibly wide: composition, meditation, musical rousing, Music medical care, group play...

Great discoveries of the beat tongue

His ancestors are ancient however the tongue drum is kind of recent, discovered due to the ingenious experiments of associate yank, Dennis Havlena, who had the concept of creating associate instrument from a bottle of gas (tank)! The principle is kind of simple: we have a tendency to cut all-time low of 2 bottles, we have a tendency to we have a tendency told them then we move to the cutting of languages, whose breadth and length can outline the note.

Scales measure

Many scales square measure projected a lot of or less exotic, however recently we discover within the market multi-scale models permitting to tune the tongue drums in numerous ways that what, let's face it, and may be a good way to vary the pleasures while not disbursement fortunes! we have a tendency to conjointly realize electro-acoustic models that enable to attach the tongue drum to associate degree amp or a sound card associate degreed so relish an infinite variety of effects.

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